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We are the 5th Generation of builders, since the 1890’s when Great Grandfather Leach started the original Leach Lumber Company.  Since then, our dedication to customers & fine craftsmanship has been recognized by the City of Joliet, as well as The Chicago Sun-Times (“Lifetime Achievement Award for Building,”  “Builder-of-the-Year Award,” on the cover of over 500+ magazines,) just to name a few!  We hope you take the time to explore our website and will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to build one of our award-winning customized homes with us!
  1. "Top 50 Builders in Chicagoland"
    by Chicago Sun-Times 8 Years in a Row

  2. Featured Profile in
    The Chicago Sun-Times 4 Times Over!

  3. "Lifetime Achievement Award"
    by the Chicago Sun-Times

  4. Two "Builder of The Year" Awards

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  1. “I was in the process of building with Sharp Homes and they could not get me financed during a 60 day period.  I cam to Leach Homes and had an approval within a week and the second week, we had already had our lot excavated.  Leach Homes is the most economical, warm, friendly and cost effective builder in the area.  Leach Homes went the “extra mile” to get us in our home before the school year started!  We now have been in our Leach Home for over 4 years.  Thanks Leach Homes!”
    -Joe & Kimberly Robinson, Plainfield, IL
  2. “We are currently having our dream home built by Leach Builders.  We have been waiting for this moment for years, since our children were small.  For 15 years we have looked at homes and kept coming back to Leach Homes because we saw the quality, concern, and the workmanship were the best.  They are family owned and care about families.  For 24 years, we lived in a small townhome of a little more than 900 sq. ft.  Now we have more than 3900 sq. ft. and at a price we can afford!  We will be moving shortly and our home is beautiful!  I can see the love and care that went into making our dream come true.  Thank you Mr. Leach, and everyone at Leach Homes!”
    -Mike & Susan Nushardt
  3. “My daughter and I looked at every builder in the Southwest Suburbs... and nothing compares to Leach Homes!  We were thrilled with the quality of the construction and the beauty of the homes.  I have told all of my friends that Leach Homes is the best deal for a home and definitely the “most bang for the buck” in the entire area.  We were just blown away by your Newport Model!”
    -Nabor Venegas
"We routinely receive perfect home status from the City of Joliet Building Dept and from the Village of Channahon Dept, as well as Lake Geneva. Which means that the home has been deemed 'built in a good standing quality and in a good workmanship manner'. That the houses have met and exceeded the fire safety standard set by the Sate of Illinois and the city of Joliet/Channahon, State of Illinois Building Codes, State of Illinois Safety Codes, City of Joliet/ Channahon building and construction ordinances.Approved and inspected, then deemed 'built in a good workmanship manner' by the Federal Housing Authority inspector.

There are no other houses that stack up to GLH Homes in quality and in value. BMTS an independent material testing service company inspects each home to insure it's quality at more than 30 different stages. In addition, BLC Ltd (Building Science Consulting) inspects the final stage of construction to insure the best energy efficiency for each house."
-Gregory A. Leach


Together: this dynamic duo, the Leach Family, and the rest of this incredible team share their passions of homebuilding and creating beautiful neighborhoods, while helping families realize their dreams!


Judi Gardner worked with legendary Homebuilder John Leach, for years, marketing & selling thousands of homes, as VP.  As a successful entrepreneur, she started her own advertising company at the age of 19, creating marketing campaigns for numerous industries.  After coming to Joliet she also produced & hosted the television show “Judi Gardner Talks Real Estate” for 12 years!   (John Leach Homes were showcased numerous times.)  Her passion for customers led her to found “Help2Buy” Power Programs that not only resulted in huge sales for the Leach subdivisions, but helped thousands of families that would not have been able to buy a home otherwise!  (Judi’s favorite gifts are the “angels” that customers have given her throughout the years!)  As the “Help2Buy Power” program grew, it became the largest of it’s kind in the nation and has been featured in news articles in The Chicago Sun-Times, Today’s Chicago Woman and on numerous television shows!  Judi was a partner in two mortgage companies, Founder of Premier Homes, as well as her own real estate company.  She continues to conduct “Help2Buy” workshops & seminars weekly for prospective homebuyers, at the Gardner Leach models!


While Greg’s Uncle John Leach was busy building homes, Greg was learning to become a Master-Carpenter-Builder.  Learning building has been a family tradition passed down from generation to generation for the Leach’s, & Greg’s own father, Mike Leach is also a Master-Carpenter as well as Greg’s brother, Matt.  In true family tradition, they all work on homes together, sharing a passion for innovation & excellence!  Greg’s keen eye, soft-spoken nature and tenacity, has earned him the respect of building inspectors, customers & tradesmen alike!  Greg is also a shrewd businessman who has been able to get superior prices from suppliers on such quality items as thick granite countertops, excellent quality wood floors etc.,... and he rewards his customers with the savings, making him well-loved by his customers